Smart Voice Christmas Special


Hello Smart Voice Community,

As we are about to enter the holiday season, our team have worked incredibly hard over the past months to ensure that we can offer you the new simple Smart Home skills for both Amazon Echo and Google Home, making this solution so much easier to use, without the need for a special Smart Voice invocation. Just say:

” Ok Google, kitchen lights on” or “Ok Google, living TV on”
” Alexa, dim the lights” or “Alexa, set the temperature to 24 degrees”

To celebrate being the first Australian organisation to have live simple smart home skills now on both Google Home and the Amazon Echo, we want to share some of the excitement with you with this special Christmas offer. These new skills are a “must see”; customer feedback has been great.

You have all seen the Google Home add on TV, now you can deliver that functionality to your customers! Have a look below of what Scotty Cam has to say about Smart Voice. He loves it!

On another exciting front, we now have customers in Hong Kong and in the UK, so Smart Voice is growing.

Paul Detering
CEO Smart Voice

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