Access Control (Integriti)

Smart Automation Systems is taking the next step in the rapidly growing Smart Building industry. An upcoming development in Melbourne’s CBD will mark the first time Inner Range’s Integriti system is incorporated into a Smart Automation Systems project. Integriti will reinvent the way touchless interfaces, security, and automation are used in large-scale commercial buildings.

Integriti provides multi-site access control, intruder detection, and Smart Building technology supporting millions of users and 100,000s of doors and detection points. Integriti also features state-of-the-art security measures operating with video surveillance, mobile duress signals, and intercoms to help protects assets and manage the safety of staff and visitors. Integriti utilises an industry-leading access permission system as well as support for standard access credentials such as cards, facial recognition, and mobile phone-based keys to operate and unlock the various automated and security features.  Intergriti’s biggest factor is how seamlessly it unifies its high-level security system with the convenience and accessibility of intelligent building systems.

Intergiti is currently implemented at large commercial buildings in Australia such as the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Collins Arch, and World Tower Sydney. If you think your building could benefit from the implementation of a state-of-the-art automation and security system contact Smart Automation Systems at or 1300 211 644 to book a consultation.