Touchless Lift Control – Rethinking the Way We Ride

As Australia continues to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, advancing technologies are creating new ways for people to navigate the increasing dangers of the Delta variant. Common modern operations are putting users at the risk of catching Covid-19. ATM touchpads, intercoms, fingerprint scanners, elevator buttons, and other surfaces are being touched by countless hands. Studies by the CSIRO have shown that the COVID virus can last up to 28 days on surfaces made of glass, steel, vinyl, paper, and polymer. These studies were conducted on potential high contact areas such as supermarket self-serve kiosks, stainless steel on doorknobs and lift buttons as well as the polymer used in banknotes.

These changing attitudes to hygiene mean elevator manufacturers’ attention to enhanced safety is now expanding to include touchless operations (such as Kone’s Elevatorcall, Schindler’s CleanCall, OTIS’s ecall, or ThyssenKrupp’s Touchless Call). With the most advanced lift systems now offering touchless integration points, building owners and developers can offer their customers a safer journey.

The key to the successful integration of these functions is the end-user experience.  The ability to call the lift by voice prior to leaving the apartment or office can provide end-users with a simple and touch-free mechanism to hail the lift.  Alternatively, native lift mobile apps or integrated residential apps can provide this function.  Lastly, lift manufacturers are now able to offer touch-free lift buttons which work with proximity sensors to call the lift.

connecX is working with a number of these lift companies to provide a safer user experience, integrating both voice and mobile app lift control into the connecX platform.  Customers can connect their bespoke mobile or voice app directly into their building lifts.  connecX works with the destination dispatch lift system and does not require users to scan a device or card at the lift kiosk, thus minimizing crowds that can congregate in front of elevators during peak periods.

connecX is at the forefront of creating personalised user interfaces for individual buildings. In addition to touchless lift control, connecX also offers touchless access control to buildings, offices, and apartments.

The connecX platform is supplied and operated by Smart Automation Systems.