The Park Hotel

In the long run, automation pays for itself. That’s in terms of not only cutting costs but also guaranteeing your peace of mind when it comes to your business’ security.

No better testimony of that than our early project at The Park Hotel and Bar. Back in 2013, our highly specialised team of engineers and integrators got together to turn it into a fully automated commercial business, adding just the right touch to its modern industrial decor and lively atmosphere.

Some of the features we added include:
– Fully integrated automated lighting system via CBUS
– Fully integrated smart alarm system controllable via CBUS
– One-touch scene control to configure lighting levels to various preset scenarios
– Open up and close up scenes with alarm control to maximise employee productivity
– Integrated CCTV for increased security

In the words of Nick Christou, Director of The Park Hotel himself:

“Our system installed allows for automatic light modes to adjust based on the time of day or evening and in turn creating the desired ambience within the venue. This allows our team to focus on the most important aspect, running the business and yet we still have the ability to manually adjust the lighting accordingly if required. At the end of the night, our team simply alarm up and our integrated system shuts down our lighting automatically, it doesn’t get easier than that!
I highly recommend Smart Automation Systems who can tailor a system to meet your needs and budget.”

Although nearly a decade old, all appropriate technology remains cutting-edge and one of a kind to this day. It goes to show that commercial automation is a long-term investment; it has not and will not become obsolete any time soon.

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