Audio Visual Services

Smart Automation Systems provides an array of services

1. Multi-Room Audio and Video

Co-locate all your video sources such as Foxtel boxes, Apple TV, BluRay Players, etc in a central location and stream content to various locations throughout your home.  Watch different content in different locations at the same time with distributed multi-room video.

Stream subscription music or radio to different zones throughout the house through simple mobile touch interfaces.  Play different music or radio channels in different locations using the multi-room audio distribution.  You can even store your CD/BluRay or other digital content centrally for distribution throughout different locations in the home or commercial environment.  Smart Automation Systems provides the following services for multi-room audio/video

  • Design of Multi-room AV systems and wiring instructions or provision of Smart Wiring Services if required
  • Procurement and installation of centrally located AV systems
  • Procurement and mounting of TVs in wall or on brackets as required

2. Home Cinema and Theatre Rooms

Be it home cinema set-ups in multi-purpose rumpus/living rooms or stand-alone theatre rooms, Smart Automation Systems can help you bring your home entertainment dream to life.

Space permitting, we can design a dedicated genuine cinema experience for you and your family by dedicating a room in your house solely for use as a home cinema. More affordable than you may think, your very own home cinema will become the epicentre of entertainment and enjoyment for the whole family. Large format projection screens, crisp images, and impressive surround-sound speaker systems can be paired with authentic, luxury cinema seating for the ultimate home theatre experience. Ask us about D-Box motion chairs or Crowson Actuators for the latest in sensory stimulation.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

These rooms can include offices, rumpus rooms, living rooms or even outdoor areas.  Creating a home theatre experience does not require a stand-alone theatre room.  Smart Automation Systems can help you create the home theatre feel with drop down screens or built-in TVs with surround sound in any room of the house

Theatre Rooms

For those with plenty of space, Smart Automation Systems can help you fit out your theatre room with projector, screen, handheld AV and theatre scene control.  Drop the blinds, dim the lights, lower the screen and turn on Netflix at the touch of a single button or at a single voice command.  One day we will even be able to get the popcorn to pop!

Your own home cinema will become the favourite room of the house with a large projector screen, surround sound of cinema proportions and beautiful images on screen.  Couple this with starry lights in the ceiling and some floor lights and you have a better than Gold-Class experience. Smart Automation Systems provides the following services for multi-room audio/video

  • Design of Home Theatre room or environment
  • Provision and installation of all Home Theatre AV gear including
    • Screens/ Projectors
    • TVs/ Set-top boxes
    • Networking/ Modems
  • Configuration of full AV control system to enable full control over the home theatre environment including
    • Automated door opening/closing
    • Blinds opening/closing
    • Lighting control
    • Movie scene management
    • Voice control
    • Configuration of switches/ remotes/mobile devices or voice control to support AV control

3. Boardrooms & Commercial Conference Rooms

Turn your boardroom or conference into a showroom for your company by projecting a modern and technology savvy image.

Smart Automation Systems can offer state of the art technology to impress your customers and employees alike. From simple video projection to fully integrated video conferencing systems, we can ensure that your board room meets all your needs and more.  We will help you control your lights, blinds, audio, video, heating, electric blinds and curtains.  have control over all those at your fingertips via your phone or another mobile device.  No more getting up in the middle of a meeting to find the TV remote control, light switch or to manually close your blinds and curtains.

Add voice control for impressive automation control, providing a no touch alternative to visible switches and controls. Smart Automation Systems provides the following services for multi-room audio/video

  • Design of boardroom/conference room AV system
  • Provision and installation of all boardroom automation components including:
    • TVs / Projectors/ Screens
    • Video conferencing equipment
    • Surround sound audio
    • Conference phones
    • Smart Whiteboards
  • Configuration of central AV control system, including
    • Set up of mobile device (tablet or phone) to control all aspects of room
    • Set-up and configuration of voice control
    • Programming of wall switches and heating systems

4. Voice Control

“Alexa, it’s movie time!”

With voice automation or integrated AV control, you can simply and easily turn on a home theatre experience, be it in the theatre room or any other home cinema set-up in the home or premise.  Using a “movie” scene, we can program a series of events triggered by the voice command which will impress anyone present.

Voice control of Audio Visual can be integrated with C-Bus, Sonos, Push and Nero control systems.  Check out voice control at