Welcome to Smart Home Automation for The Rise apartments. We offer a range of package options for your properties.

Lighting Package

Master the mood of your home with smart lighting. Lighting automation allows you to control five circuits of lighting in your home from your smart phone, whether you’re home or away. Scenes give control of multiple lights from one touch. Schedules can create regularly occurring events, such as turning on your balcony light at sunset. And when you have your hands full, control your lights with simple voice commands, such as “Alexa, turn the lights on”.

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Add-On Audio Visual Package

Lost remotes become a thing of the past with the Audio Visual package. Your smart phone becomes a universal remote, controlling everything in your TV cabinet. Multiple devices can be controlled in one touch with Activities, allowing you to jump straight into your devices without needing to remember what port they’re plugged in to. Phone out of reach? Simply say “Alexa, turn the TV on”.

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Add-on Climate Control Package

Keep your apartment comfortable with the Climate Control package. Smart phone control allows you to control your air conditioner while home or away. Location-based events automatically turn the system off when you leave your home, and turn it on when you arrive back home. Scheduling can reduce the temperature at night when you’re asleep, and raise it in the morning when you wake up. Voice control is built in, so you can control your air conditioner by saying “Alexa, turn the AC on” .

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Add-On Blinds Package

Enjoy automated control of the blinds in your apartment with our Blind Control package. Motorised blinds raise or lower your blinds through a remote control, a smart phone, or voice control. Scheduling allows the blinds to be closed before sunset to prevent glare and heat in your apartment. Blinds can also be added to scenes.

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Additional Options

If you wish to expand the reach of the Smart Home Packages, we have additional options available.

Additional lighting circuits can be automated on a per-circuit basis.

Smart Plugs can control existing devices, such as lamps, electric blankets and other appliances. Devices attached to a Smart Plug enjoy the same power and flexibility as other devices, such as control from scenes, scheduling, and voice.

Sensors can be added to control lights based on motion in the room. They also display the temperature, humidity and light level of the room.

Lighting Package Details

The Lighting Package is built on Nero by Environexus. Nero are small devices installed behind a light switch, which communicate wirelessly and securely to a central gateway. A key benefit of Nero is control through a smart phone or voice, while retaining local control of a device from a switch on the wall.

The Nero Gateway allows for the creation of scenes and schedules.

Schedules can control devices at regularly occurring times, such as turning the balcony light on at sunset, or turning the bedroom lights on when you wake up during the week. With the Blinds package added, a schedule could be set to lower the blinds two hours before sunset to reduce glare in the apartment.

Scenes allow for easy control of multiple devices through either the touch of a button or a simple voice command. They can be used to set the mood (such as a dining scene), to turn off all the devices in your home (such as a Goodbye scene), or to turn on key lights when you arrive home (such as a Welcome scene).

Voice control support gives you control of your lighting devices through simple commands, such as “Alexa, turn the bedroom lights on”, or “Alexa, turn the living lamp on”. Scenes can be controlled through commands such as “Alexa, good morning”, which could turn on your bedroom lights and give you today’s weather and news headlines

The Lighting Package contains automation of five lighting circuits, including replacing standard rocker buttons with push buttons where relevant. Additional lighting circuits are available for purchase.

Items included in Package:

  • 1x Environexus Nero Gateway
  • 5x Nero Relay modules
  • 5x Clipsal Push Button Bell Press Mechs

Requisites for installation:

  • Internet connection

Audio Visual Package Details

The Audio Visual Package is powered by a Logitech Harmony Hub, which turns your smart phone or tablet into a universal remote. With over 270,000 entertainment and smart home devices supported, you can comfortably leave your remotes in a drawer.

The Harmony Hub contains an infrared (IR) blaster to control the devices in your TV cabinet, while small IR beads control devices located further away, such as a wall mounted TV.

Voice control gives incredible control of your AV devices. Simple power controls are included, such as “Alexa, turn the TV on”, but functionality is extended to much finer control, such as “Alexa, change to channel 2”.

Activities is a feature which wraps together multiple actions into one simple control, allowing users to easily jump straight to their media manager, games console or blu ray player in one touch or voice command.

The Audio Visual Package contains control of a single Audio Visual zone. Inclusion of extra Audio Visual zones require the purchase of extra Audio Visual Packages. This package requires the Lighting Package to be purchased.

Items included in Package:

  • 1x Logitech Harmony Hub

Requisites for Package:

  • Lighting Package
  • Functional Wi-Fi network with password available

Upgrade options:

  • Additional lighting circuits
  • Sensors
  • Smart Plugs

Climate Control Package Details

At the heart of the Climate Control Package is the Sensibo Sky 2, a smart controller for split system air conditioners. Sensibo is mounted on a wall close to the air conditioner, and provides control through an app on a smart phone or tablet.

Through geo-fencing, Sensibo can turn the air conditioner on when you arrive home, and can turn it off when you leave home. Intelligent scheduling can turn on the heat before you wake up in the winter, and keeps your apartment within comfortable levels in the summer.

Voice Control gives incredible hands-free functionality of your air conditioner. Turn the system on by saying “Alexa, turn the AC on”, adjust the temperature by saying “Alexa, set the living AC to 24 degrees”, and set the mode by saying “Alexa, set the bedroom AC to cool”

The Climate Control Package contains control of one air conditioner head. Additional air conditioners require the purchase of extra Climate Control Packages. This package requires the Lighting Package to be purchased.

Items included in Package:

  • 1x Sensibo Sky 2

Requisites for Package:

  • Lighting Package
  • Functional Wi-Fi network with password available

Upgrade Options:

  • Additional Sensibo units

Blind Control Package Details

The Blind Control Package is an interaction between Somfy RTS Motorised blinds and the Nero Gateway in the Lighting Package. Existing blinds have their chains removed and replaced with a Somfy RTS Li-Ion battery powered motor. Control is offered through either a wireless remote, through the Nero app, and through voice.

Automated blind offer not only the convenience of one-touch control, but also the ability to create schedules to save energy, such as lowering the blinds in the afternoon during summer to keep the heat out.

The Blind Control Package contains automation of up to five motorised blinds. Motorised blinds must be purchased separately. This package requires the Lighting Package to be purchased.

Items included in package:

  • 1x Somfy Connexoon Window RTS

Requisites for Package:

  • Motorised blinds purchased separately and set up
  • Lighting Package