Savant scenes offer a powerful way of controlling your Savant-connected devices with a one-touch action. A scene could turn on your TV and set it to your favourite channel while dimming the lights, or it could turn off all the devices and lights in the home. This guide will show you how to create, edit and trigger scenes through the Savant Pro app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

This guide is based on Savant Pro version 9 on an iPhone running iOS 13, although the procedure is the same for any iPad and Android device running Savant Pro version 9.

Either swipe to the left or tap the Scenes button in the top right corner of the screen in either the home screen or in a room

Here, you will see a list of all your existing scenes. To create a new scene, tap the + icon in the top right corner

You can use Fast Capture to select the states and levels of devices in your home, or Build New to manually select the devices you wish to control. In this case, we’ll use Build New

Here, you can select the device you wish to control. You can set light levels, turn TVs on or off, play video sources in selected rooms, or simply turn all lighting and/or media off.

For this guide, we’ll turn the Apple TV US on in the Master Bedroom. Tap the device you wish to turn on (in this case, Apple TV US)

Select the room or rooms you wish the scene to control

This screen is a summary of the devices controlled in the scene. If you wish to control anything else (eg lighting), tap the + icon in the top right, and follow the steps above to add them to the scene

If you wish for your scene to run on a schedule, you can set it up on this screen. You can set the schedule to run at a regular time or relative to celestial time (sunrise, sunset, dusk or dawn), between set dates or all year, and on certain days of the week.

If you don’t want to run this scene as a schedule, just tap Skip

Enable Shared Scene to allow access to this scene from all users and devices associated with your Savant system.

This is required for using the scene with Google Assistant

Give your scene a custom name, or choose a name from the list.

Select a photo for the scene, or tap the + icon in the top right to choose an existing photo in your photo library or take a new photo.

Your scene is now created! To run your scene, simply tap it.

To edit, delete or add a timer to your scene, swipe left on it and select from one of the options presented.