A new improved method of blind automation is now possible, using Somfy Wireless RTS motorised blinds integrated with Clipsal CBus. Significant cost benefits are possible as compared to using shutter relays, and savings of up to $500 per blind are now possible when automating blinds using this approach.

Rather than wiring each motor back to the switchboard for control, a hard active is wired to each motor, with control provided through a wireless controller. This provides significant savings in cabling and in CBus equipment. Each EasyBlinds package can control up to 16 blinds or groups, requiring only one unit on the CBus network. Additional EasyBlinds packages can be easily added for control of more blinds.

This saves not only a huge amount of cabling, but also complexity in the CBus network. In some cases, the number of CBus shutter relays on the network has required a separate switchboard with a Network Bridge and CBus power supplies to be installed, as well as kilometres of cabling. The same home wired for EasyBlinds requires a fraction of the cabling, with all blinds control hardware installed in a small cabinet with no isolation needed.

Click below to download the Easy Blinds brochure:

Easy Blinds Brouchure – November 2017