Climate Control

Climate control is a key feature of home automation. Automated climate control allows you to automatically regulate heating and cooling in your home. Automated climate control can help you save energy by only heating and cooling the rooms that you’re using, at the times when you’re using them. With automated climate control you are able to  pre-heat or pre-cool your house before you get home, using your mobile phone.

To make use of automated climate control requires the use of thermostats and sensors.  Sensors inform the system when there is activity in a room and the thermostat determines whether heating or cooling is required.  Climate control systems respond to certain triggers such as movement or temperature to activate the heating or cooling in the home.

The latest tech also allows you control heating and cooling via voice, allowing you to use a Smart Speaker interfaced with your climate control system to activate heating or cooling (example: “Alexa, I’m hot”)


Examples of Climate Control

Some of the most common automated climate control scenarios:

  • Basic Control – switch heating/cooling on/off from your mobile phone, ipad or wall switch
  • Sensor based climate– turn heating/cooling off when no movement is sensed
  • Scenes– turn heating/cooling off when the alarm is activated or when the “Goodbye” scene is activated
  • Remote access – activate heating/cooling on your way home from work on your mobile phone. Check whether heating/cooling have been left on via your phone.
  • Connect to the Internet of Things – Set up triggers via geofencing to activate climate control as you approach the house or leave.  Set up external temperature triggers to activate heating/cooling in the home.

Climate Scenes

A key feature climate control is the ability to create pre-programmed scenes.  Scenes allow you to group a series of different events together. Examples could include the following, but we find that every customer has a unique set of scene requirements.

  • “Goodbye” scene – turns off all heating/cooling in the house
  • “Goodnight” scene – turns off all or selected climate zones in house
  • Holiday” scene – turn it on when you are away to de-activate any pre-set programs.

Automated climate control can provide significant benefits in increased comfort and energy savings when executed well.

Supported Products

We recommend and install the following lighting products

  1. Daikin Systems
  2. Panasonic Systems
  3. Airtopia Systems