Welcome to OSK Property Smart Home. OSK Property and Smart Automation Systems have teamed up to provide OSK Property customers with an array of smart home options for your apartments.

OSK Property Smart Home packages have been designed to provide options for all range of budgets, with entry levels packages and upgrade options available for all apartment types.


Master the mood of your home with smart lighting. Lighting automation allows you to control six circuits of lighting in your home from your smart phone, whether you’re home or away. Scenes give control of multiple lights from one touch. Schedules can create regularly occurring events, such as turning on your balcony light at sunset. And when you have your hands full, control your lights with simple voice commands, such as “Alexa, turn the lights on”.

Package includes:

  • 1x Environexus Nero gateway
  • 6x Environexus Nero control modules
  • 6x Clipsal bell press switch mechanisms
  • 1x Amazon Echo or Google Home for voice control
  • 1x Nero voice control system
  • Installation by a qualified tradesperson
  • Full setup and commissioning
  • App on smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android)


  • Wi-Fi router with internet access
  • Ethernet connection between Nero gateway and router
  • iOS or Android smartphone or tablet

Price: A$3,750 inc GST

Notes: Dimming control subject to compatible lights.


Enjoy automated control of the blinds in your apartment with our Blind Control package. Motorised blinds raise or lower your blinds through a remote control, a smart phone, or voice control. Scheduling allows the blinds to be closed before sunset to prevent glare and heat in your apartment. Blinds can also be added to scenes to create a fully integrated smart home.

Two packages are on offer. Option A integrates with the Lighting package and includes blinds in voice, scene and schedule control, and is the best option when purchasing the Lighting package. Option B allows for control of blinds through a smartphone app, but with no integration to voice, scenes or schedules.

Option A includes:

  • Somfy RS485 Blinds controller
  • Integration to Lighting control app
  • Installation and commissioning


  • Lighting package must be purchased
  • Somfy RTS blinds must be used. Hard-wired motors are preferable, although battery powered motors will work.

Price: A$1,875 inc GST

Option B includes:

  • Somfy Connexoon blinds controller
  • App installed on smartphones and/or tablets
  • Installation and commissioning


  • Somfy RTS blinds must be used. Hard-wired motors are preferable, although battery powered motors will work.

Price: A$925 inc GST

Notes: Does not include blinds or Somfy RTS motors. Must be purchased separately prior to installation.

Audio Visual

Upgrade to Savant for the very best in Entertainment control and more! Savant will not only control your TV and entertainment system, Savant will control all other upgrades optioned.  Such as lighting, security and blinds. Imagine pressing “Movie”, the blinds come down, lights turn off, TV turns on and the movie begins!

Package includes:

  • Savant Host (S2)
  • Savant app installed on smartphones and/or tablets (iOS or Android)
  • Installation and commissioning


  • Wired connection to router
  • AV equipment located in single location

Price: A$2,650 inc GST

Note: Savant Remote available separately


Lighting module

Control additional lighting circuits with additional Nero control modules


  • 1x Additional Nero module
  • 1x Clipsal Bellpress switch mechanism
  • Installation by qualified electrician
  • Programming & Commissioning
  • Setup on voice control systems

Price: A$260 per module

Requires Lighting package

Smart Plug

Make devices connected to a standard power outlet smart with the Smart Plug! Can control many things, including lamps, electric blankets and Christmas tree lights


  • 1x Nero Smart Plug
  • Installation
  • Programming & Commissioning
  • Setup on voice control systems

Price: A$215 inc GST per plug

Requires Lighting package

Motion Sensor

Can be set to turn on lights when motion is detected. Also measures temperature, humidity and light level.


  • Installation
  • Programming & commissioning

Price: A$245 inc GST per sensor

Notes: can be powered from USB or 2x CR123A batteries. Battery life is approx. 24 months. Requires Lighting package.

Amazon Echo Show 5 or Google Home Hub

Get your personal assistant with a useful widescreen display. Perfect for the bedside or the kitchen.


  • Supply & setup

Price: A$295 inc GST per device

Requires Lighting package