Blairgowrie Court – Private Home


Renovation with retrofit lighting automation, blinds, networking, AV, climate control, security and cameras

Smart Automation Role

Complete project management, sourcing, installation, programming and support

Key Features

  • Lighting Control via Clipsal C-Bus and Environexus Nero, with NeroLink to bring the two controllers together
  • Single Touch iPad AV Control from any room accessing local devices
  • Multiple surround sound systems using Sonos Connect:Amps and a Yamaha receiver in the rumpus room
  • Indoor and outdoor Speakers
  • Data and Communication Networks – Wired and wireless (using Unifi access points)
  • Surveillance cameras
  • iPad and iPhone control of all devices
  • Ducted climate control using Ecobee thermostats
  • In-floor heating controlled and scheduled via C-Bus


This modern architectural property in Blairgowrie Court, Brighton is a showcase for automation technologies, featuring C-Bus and Nero for lighting, Push Controls for AV control, and Somfy RTS for powered blinds. All these technologies have been set up for deep integration using innovative systems and solutions while discreetly disappearing into the home and retaining ease of use.

The client had a strong desire to deeply integrate home automation in the pre-existing home when they purchased it. Extensive concrete construction made this task difficult, but the electrician was able to install 50 groups on C-Bus, controlled by 13 Saturn Zen switches and 6 Saturn Zen eDLTs. Devices controlled on C-Bus include lighting, exhaust fans, in-floor heating, garden lighting, and pumps for the pond.

The home features three AV zones powered by Push Controls PC4s. The Master Retreat is a simple zone with a Samsung TV playing audio through a Sonos Playbar and in-ceiling speakers driven by a Sonos Connect:Amp. The Rumpus zone features a projector discreetly mounted in the ceiling which tilts down and throws an image onto the white wall above the staircase. All AV equipment is installed in a cupboard around the corner, including a Yamaha amplifier providing 5.1 surround sound. The living zone features an LG TV installed in a cabinet with a sliding door which hides the TV when not in use. Turning the zone on automatically slides the door open to reveal the TV, and turning the zone off closes the door to tuck it away. This zone also features a surround sound system powered by a Sonos Playbar and in-ceiling speakers driven by a Sonos Connect:Amp.

All automated window coverings in the property are powered by Somfy RTS motors, which allows for convenient control with a remote control. As the client wished for a fully integrated solution, our EasyBlinds system was installed, allowing for control of the Somfy RTS products from C-Bus. The window coverings in the Master Retreat can be controlled from the Somfy remote, from the local eDLT, or from the Wiser 2 app installed on a smartphone or tablet.

There were many cases where lighting groups could not be re-wired to the C-Bus board, or where lighting groups were added after the main electrical work was performed. For these groups, the best solution was to install Nero modules. To fully integrate the solution, our NeroLink system was installed, giving two-way control of these Nero devices from C-Bus, including control of these Nero devices from the Wiser 2.

To provide simple, hands-free control of all these technologies, the client wished for voice control. Our Smart Voice system was set up, allowing for control of lights, blinds and AV equipment through simple voice commands. Scenes were set up, allowing for control of multiple groups through commands such as “Goodbye” or “I’m home”.