Commercial Property

The Circle Pharmacy


Design & installation, supply of components, ongoing support and programming for a complete security system for both the temporary and new pharmacy.

Full Audio system installed.

Smart Automation Role

Complete project management, design, sourcing, installation, programming and support

Key Features

  • Complete security system installation including 8 cameras, 8 channel DVR , alarm screamers, keypads and security sensors throughout the pharmacy to maintain maximum security and monitoring.
  • Audio system throughout the pharmacy using high quality speakers to allow for a wide of music and sound providing maximum comfort for all staff and customers.

Customer Reference

The boys from Smart Automation did an outstanding job in a very short time.  They were fast, precise and a great bunch to work with.  The had our security system up and running during the building process, securing the site during construction.  The installed an amazing audio system which all the staff love.  Friendly and relaible, Smart Automation can only be recommended.

Christine N, Circle Pharmacy Owner