The Park Hotel and Bar


  • Fully Automated Commercial business
  • Automated lights, security system and CCTV

Smart Automation Roles

  • Full Automation Design,
  • Cabling, Product Installation and Programming
  • Supply of Components
  • Continued Support and regular updates

Key Features

  • Fully integrated automated lighting system via CBUS
  • Fully integrated smart alarm system controllable via CBUS
  • One touch scene control to configure lighting levels to various preset scenarios
  • Open up and close up scenes with alarm control to maximise employee productivity
  • Integrated CCTV for increased security



Customer Testimonial

“Thank you for what has been a seamless transition from antiquated lighting systems to now a cost effective and easy to use operating system that controls every element within our venue.

“Our system installed allows for automatic light modes to adjust based on time of day or evening and in turn creating the desired ambience within the venue. This allows our team to focus on the most important aspect, running the business and yet we still have the ability to manually adjust the lighting accordingly if required.  At the end of the night our team simply alarm up and our integrated system shuts down our lighting automatically, it doesn’t get easier than that !!

“I highly recommend Smart Automation Systems who can tailor a system to meet your needs and budget.”

Nick Christou, Director, The Park Hotel